Founder and Chief Everything Officer, Daniel Zamilpa, also known as The Dapper Daniel, takes his nickname seriously. In every aspect of his life, Daniel has worked tirelessly to bring a dapper edge and stay neat, trim, smart and stylish. His work is no exception.

At 26-years-old, Daniel brings 10 years of experience across media, creative, events, fashion and lifestyle. He began his journey at 16-years-old in high school via working in journalism, events and culinary. He spent four years at California State University, Fullerton where he was a Communications major with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism major with a double minor in Chincanx Studies and Radio, Television and Film. Throughout his time at CSUF, he continued to delve further into what would soon become a recipe for his educational and professional success.

A self-taught creative, Daniel began putting his skills to work via on-campus opportunities, client projects and eventually through internships at DreamWorks Animation, SKG and the Walt Disney Studios. With clients of all sizes, Daniel kept busy leading up to graduation in 2014.

Upon graduating, Daniel accepted a role in the marketing department at the Walt Disney Studios where he spent four years on the Global Digital Marketing Team. Since then, Daniel has worked in the fashion and creative realms, with brands including Netflix, Trina Turk, Briarcliff Entertainment in addition to small business and individuals.

Daniel started The Dapper Collective out of the desire to extend his “All Boats Rise” mentality to stories and partners of all sizes. Being a “Daniel-of-all-trades,” this isn’t just his passion; it’s his calling.

As a gay, Latinx millennial, Daniel has had his fair share of experiences that have pushed him to work to create and highlight stories of all marginalized groups. It is through his work that he hopes to further support diversity and inclusion across all verticals.

Outside of the professional realm, Daniel is incredibly passionate about doing what he can do to help in the non-profit space, specifically via volunteering with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and speaking at high schools and colleges about working in the entertainment industry and higher education. He has also started a charity-based hiking organization called Humanity Hike that combines self care with care for the community and those in need.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys staying active through cycling, hiking and yoga. He’ll never turn down a trip to the museum and loves watching The Devil Wears Prada at least once a week. Daniel is also currently working on a script and two books that he will be finishing this year.